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The Plunge

The Plunge, because life is full of risks and opportunities.  Sometimes you have to Plunge into them.  In 2006 our family moved across the country to follow our passion, wine.  After years of working in the industry and gaining knowledge we decided to take "The Plunge", and open our own winery.  You will love our unique waterfront property paired with our high quality boutique wines.

Crazy 8's

Our brand Crazy 8's uses fruit from our own estate vineyard. The name is not just because there are 8,888 vines on our property, but because they help tell our story.  For those of you not aware the number 8 means many things to different cultures, but to us it represents the day-to-day chanllenges and the drive and ambition to overcome those challenges.  Life throws curve calls at you every day and you must endure those challenges and continue to push forward to be successfull in life.  Whatever your success is.